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Sponsorship Package

Race Sponsorship

Race Sponsorship Packages to suit every budget!

What’s in the package?

Sponsorship Package

Naming of one race

Trophy presentation
to winner of race

Picture of the presentation

A DVD of the presentation

Message in race card

Name a race to commemorate an event, wedding, birthday, christening, university graduation...


If you own a business sponsor a race with your company name or product you sell, name a race after one of your faithful staff!


The imagination runs wild. 


If you have just got engaged why not make it a party event bring your closest friends treat them to a meal and name
the race after your Fiancées?


What ever the occasion Henlow Dog track is the place to celebrate, tell all your friends what a great night out this is, winter or summer we can cater for most eventualities -
apart from the weather! 


Call 01462 851850 to book your sponsorship package

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